The Euforia tantric massage is a massage at our Tantra Spa in Krakow, which is both intense and very sensual. It is an extremely sexually stimulating experience that will relax your body and release it from tension.

During the Euphoria ceremony, it is important to trust the masseuse and surrender to her movements. The temperature in the room is at least 25 degrees, and the intimate atmosphere is created by lighted candles and essential oils floating in the air.

The masseuse also uses oils that cover both her skin and the client’s skin. When his body is fully relaxed and prepared, a massage begins in which the masseuse uses not only her hands, but her entire body, sliding over you in an extremely sensual way.

Such erotic massage releases incredible amounts of sexual energy and allows you to look at your body and needs in a new, fresh way. It also allows you to achieve a level of sensuality that is just as intense as sex or gives you an even greater sense of pleasure.

EUFORIA massage gives an amazing experience on the border of corporeality, sexuality and spirituality. Such close contact with the body of the masseuse introduces a blissful state of relaxation and incredible relaxation.

The advantages of the EUFORIA massage include:
release of sexual tension,
achieving pleasure and satisfaction,
relaxation and relaxation,
openness to the other person,
increase in self-esteem.

60 min-200zł

30 min-150zł

90 min-300zł

120 min-400zł

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