Tantra Lux


Lux tantric massage relaxes the body and allows you to get rid of the tension that blocks it in everyday life. It goes back to the practice of Buddhism and Hinduism. It releases energy that is often hidden deeply and fully reveals itself. Tantra Lux massage makes us look more closely at our body and contact our senses and emotions. Conscious looking inside yourself and accepting everything that comes with it translates into a better relationship with your partner and the whole world.

Tantric massage is for the body as well as for the spirit. It makes sexual energy fully bloom and flows throughout the body, facilitating communication with yourself. It helps you see yourself with love, respect and desire. In this massage, intimate places, i.e. the lingam, are celebrated several times.

The masseuse treats all parts of the body with the same attention, including the intimate ones. It stimulates all chakras so that the client fully feels the harmony of body and soul. It focuses on ensuring that the energy released during the massage is not directed to the outside, but to the inside, thanks to which the client receives maximum contact with his sensuality. Therefore, tantric massage is not intended to bring you to climax, but to achieve inner harmony that gives a sense of liberation. Although it is not an erotic massage, it can also take into account erogenous zones – both in women and men. It allows you to enter a higher dimension of experiencing your own sexuality, filled with relaxation, awareness of your body and the joy of contact with it. By controlling your sexual energy, you can see not only yourself but also your surroundings more clearly.

The most important advantages of tantric massage are:

release from stress,
muscle relaxation,
achieving self-acceptance,
deep feeling of relaxation,
getting rid of internal blockages,
sexual energy release.
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60 min -250zł

30 min-200zł

90 min-450zł

120 min-500zł