Relxing massage


It is a massage that relaxes and soothes. It relaxes the muscles, improves the blood supply to the skin and relaxes. Classic massage can be used as an aid in the treatment of many diseases, but also to prevent them. The masseuse uses specialized oils that additionally improve the client’s well-being. Placing the body on the massage table allows adequate access to all parts of the muscles.

Relaxing massage is eagerly used by people who live at a fast pace, under pressure and with a multitude of duties on a daily basis. A visit to the salon relieves tension and the body and mind are ready to take on new challenges. The masseuse conducts a short interview with the client and selects the massage techniques appropriate to the situation. Additional elements are also important here – candles, scent and light. This type of massage is also eagerly used by athletes, pregnant women and people working in stressful conditions.

60 min -200zł

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