Tantra Classic


Tantra Classic massage is a basic tantric massage of the whole body that also includes intimate parts, i.e. lingam and yoni. It is an ideal proposition for people starting their journey with a holistic massage.

Due to the fact that this massage covers all parts of the body, each of them is equally pampered and is considered equal in terms of its value and importance, it is not considered as embarrassing and therefore excluded from the right to massage.

For the Tantra Classic massage, we use natural oils, and the lingam and yoni are not massaged “by force” – we do it if the client opens up to the tantric experience and desires it. If the client is not ready for a tantric massage of intimate parts, the masseuse will accept it with full understanding and acceptance.

At Tantra Spa in Krakow, we perform the Tantra Classic massage in an intimate, sensual atmosphere, amidst the candlelight and the scent of essential oils or incense sticks.

The most important advantages of the Tantra Classic massage are:
release from stress,
muscle relaxation,
achieving self-acceptance,
deep feeling of relaxation,
getting rid of internal blockages,
sexual energy release.

60 min-200zł

30 min -150zł

90 min-400zł

120 min-500zł

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